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This page contains practical, downloadable exercises and guides for specific steps along your change journey.


Values and Beliefs

Values and beliefs are the foundation of human behavior.  They drive us to act, think and feel.  When we are not completely aware of our values, we find decision-making difficult, and can experience confusion and a sense of unease.  These four worksheets can help bring clarity.

Values and 8 Life Areas

Value Proposition Exercise

Writing Your Value Proposition

Beliefs and Behaviors


Most of us think we know what we want and we go after it.  Why, then, are we so often dissatisfied when we get it?  Maybe our true desires and passions lie elsewhere. Or it could be there is a higher priority desire we're holding.  Try these two exercises to identify your true wants.

Dreams and Desires



Forgiveness and Conflict

If you try and try to achieve your goals, but find yourself feeling bad or stuck, it could be you have some negative experiences and emotions to clear out.  This can be difficult, mostly because it involves facing yourself, and others who are part of your negative situation. I hope these exercises can serve as a guide to support you in this endeavor.


Resolving Conflict

These exercises can help you reflect and uncover your true self and your goals.