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This Changes Everything: Transforming Your Life from the Inside Out

We don’t change for the sake of change—we change for the sake of progress.

 Although we strive for stability, predictability, and constancy, life is, by nature and design, one transition after another. Ocean tides ebb and flow; weather patterns fluctuate; and plants grow, wither, change, and die in the course of a few hours. Every second, trillions of cells in our own bodies are changing, dying, and being replaced in persistent patterns to adapt to stimulating conditions.

Since change is programmed in us and the world is constantly moving, it makes good sense that we learn how to keep up. Facing change doesn’t have to be hopeless or overwhelming. You don’t need all the answers, tremendous energy, will nor courage—not all at once anyway. You do need a prescribed path. You need a plan.

This Changes Everything: Transforming Your Life from the Inside Out is my new book that, whatever your relationship with change, will show you how to make your journey manageable, empowering, and focused on your goals. There is a reward ahead.

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