Jaya Koilpillai Bohlmann, MA, APR, MSMOB, ACC
Strategy and coaching for corporate communication, employee engagement, change, leadership.
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Coaching Bio

Strategy and coaching for communication, engagement, change, leadership
MA, communication
MSMOB, management/organization behavior
APR, public relations
ICF, international coaching certification (in progress)


Jaya focuses on the groups and individuals at the head and the heart of organizations.  She believes they must be holistically addressed as humans with daily concerns and emotions that drive them – in order to be effective employees and leaders. 

Jaya has 20-plus years of corporate, communication, and coaching experience in a wide variety of industries, including food/beverage, healthcare, hospitality, corporate, retail, government, nonprofit, entertainment, and technology.

Jaya coaches executives, Board members, leaders, mid-level managers, frontline workers, technical staff, and entry level employees. She enhances this practical expertise with academic and corporate research and thought leadership in communication, leadership and change. A sought-after speaker and author, she is passionate about the topics of diversity and inclusion, women as leaders, career transition, the role of communication in change, and branding.

Jaya delivers a customized program of assessments, tools, concepts and models, founded on an appreciative approach that emphasizes what’s working, in a structure best-suited for the client in the context of a safe, trusting relationship with the coach.


For individuals seeking or undergoing personal change, Jaya provides customized, one-on-one coaching delivered in the context of a safe, trusting relationship coach-client relationship.  She works with clients of all ages and stages of life to help them create clear goals and achieve them through a clear roadmap of steps, going at the pace comfortable for the client (and encouraging them to go faster or slower if needed!).  For individuals seeking a range of changes, Jaya can help you:

  • Define your values and how they influence your personal decisions
  • Align your beliefs with your actions
  • Know your true passions
  • Gaining courage and clarity
  • Create clear goals and strategies to reach them
  • Define and articulate your personal brand
  • Present your best self to the people important to you

Whether your desired change is finding a new job, changing careers, organizing your house, planning a trip, or a wide range of other goals, Jaya can help you achieve your highest objectives.


 Jaya coaches individuals and groups to:

  • Become aware, empathetic, authentic leaders; and empowered, confident team members
  • Navigate and lead complexities related to politics, structure, and changes in their organizations
  • Manage transition related to mergers and acquisitions; changes at the C-suite
  • Plan and achieve an effective first 90 days in a new or promoted position
  • Clearly communicate with compelling messages delivered in the ways most resonant to audiences
  • Engage teams peer groups and your executive teams with the right blend of face to face, social platforms, written, and other forms of communication
  • Plan exit strategies; retirement; second, third and fourth acts
  • Enhance and embody their personal brands by living their values
  • Create and unify teams
  • Develop the right people and structure for their teams
  • Create strategic plans with clear vision and mission statements
  • Manage virtual teams
  • Make the move from manager to leader
  • Deal with job loss, transition, downsizing
  • Develop inclusive, collaborative work environments to achieve strategic business goals
  • Help them find balance and integration for all aspects of life, including work and home
  • Gain more satisfaction and control over their careers

CLIENT LIST (partial)

  • Adventist Healthcare (Midwest, Southern California)
  • American Red Cross
  • Burson-Marsteller
  • Celgene
  • Community Uplift Projects, International (India-based public health, medical and child-focused social services project)
  • Diversity Best Practices
  • Hormel Foods
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Center
  • National Public Radio
  • Ogilvy Public Relations
  • Public Broadcasting System
  • Sodexo, Inc.
  • Sony Pictures Television
  • Weber Shandwick
  • Working Mother Media